By: Mordechai Salfer

July 28, 2014 

Effective communication has always been a frustrating and time consuming part of managing the array of services lined up for your out-of-the-box child.


Does any of this sound familiar?


o   Diagnosis Stage


Something is wrong and you don’t know what.  Your child has been examined, evaluated, and questioned by what feels like a legion of professionals.   You wish that someone or a team of someone's could study the full record and guide you.


o   Meeting Stage


Tests have been completed.  A team has been identified.  A meeting has been scheduled three weeks from now.  You’re anxious to implement a plan, but you must wait for “the team” to come together at the same time and place.


o   Implementation of the Service Plan Stage


You find that you are the intermediary between two professionals.  Other than being educated by Google, you’re really not qualified to be carrying technical information from one professional to the other.  You’d rather they get on the phone and speak to each other directly.


o   Plan Evaluation Stage


Once again, you must wait for “the meeting”.  Hopefully, all participants show up.  In the meantime, you’ve spoken separately to four different service providers to convey your concerns.   The general response: “let’s bring that up at the meeting.”


Learning Tree’s My Educational Chart application puts all service professionals, teachers, tutors and parents on the same page.  Same page makes everyone’s job easier, and takes a whole lot of stress and interference out of the process of helping the child.