Meet Our Team

Dr. Mordechai Salfer, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

FL Lic. #PY9348

NY Lic #021511-1

Dr. Salfer holds doctorates in clinical psychology and in education. He has extensive clinical experience as well as proven success in administration of special education schools and service provider organizations. At University Hospitals of Cleveland, he was a co-director of an adolescent addiction and dependency counseling program. While there, he conducted research in assessment and personality of young adults with ADHD and PTSD. Currently, he continues to provide direct therapeutic services to private clients in Miami.  Dr. Salfer Holds certification in EMDR for Treatment of PTSD.


Dr. Salfer has established special needs schools and service organizations in Ohio, Florida and New Jersey, replicating his successful format and delivering special needs services in different markets. 

Currently, he serves as dean of Tree of Knowledge Learning Academy.  Dr. Salfer is a sought after speaker on a range of topics, including the development of high quality educational, motivational and behavioral programs for students of all ages, personalities and challenges.