Why Us?

At Learning Tree we are grounded in the philosophy that special needs children deserve a holistic and multifaceted treatment approach to addressing their challenges. We also know from experience, that children benefit dramatically when there is seamless communication between professionals, parents and schools.


Learning Tree is a “one stop learning shop”, where teams of specialists bridge the communication gap that too often delays treatment results.


We have developed software to allow all authorized parties access to relevant records, whether medical, therapeutic or academic. They also have the ability to communicate with each other in real time.


This breakthrough brings many benefits and efficiencies to the jumble of intervention services.  The system takes much of the management burden off of parents, relieving a good deal of stress at home and improving outcomes.

When service providers have up-to-date information at their fingertips appointments run smoother. More gets accomplished.

When communication between teachers, therapists and doctors

is facilitated frustrations of waiting for the team meeting are averted.

When family has ready access to professional service providers, parents feel assured.