By: Michal Behar

July 28, 2014 

Learning Tree is a single address for many different types of professional services that help kids find success in learning and in growing up.


When a child struggles, parents struggle too.  Challenges may be physical or emotional, academic or social.  You may not have pinpointed the problem, but you suspect that there is one.  It becomes exhausting in so many ways, from day to day living, to unraveling the jumble of issues.


No matter where a family is on the journey of meeting their child’s challenges, the biggest favor parents do for themselves, their struggling child and the whole family is to reach out for help.


Learning Tree guides parents with holistic guidance and comprehensive services.  Our streamlined communication system supported by our exclusive learning management software takes a big portion of the burden off parents’ minds and allows them to spend less time managing their child and more time interacting.  And that is the key to bridging the learning gap.