Occupational Therapy

Learning Tree's Occupational Therapy helps you or a loved one gain higher levels of movement and functioning. The treatments focus on helping a person with a physical, sensory, or cognitive disability gain independence and improve their skills at the daily tasks they want or need to achieve.

Occupational therapy can make a tremendous difference both for adults and for kids. While the usual assumption is that it is mainly for adults, children can also benefit from the boost to self-esteem and independence that learning to do things on their own will bring them. Play, school performance, and daily activities are as important to kids as being able to work and do things at home are to an adult.

The occupational therapists at Learning Tree work with children who may have one of a number of physical, cognitive, or sensory disabilities. They can help children gain the fine motor skills they need to hold a pencil at school or play with toys. They can also teach the coping and cooperative skills that many students with behavioral disorders struggle to learn, which makes it easier for them to pass through a variety of environments.

To learn more about how these treatments may benefit your family, you can reach out to us and we will be able to meet with you and learn more about your specific needs.