Meet Our Team

Nicki Salfer

Director of Education

Wilson Dyslexia Practitioner (WDP)

Board Certified Behavioral Analyst (B.C.B.A.)

Certificate #1-19-34-699

Nicki promotes a holistic approach to special education and Behavioral Therapy.  She recognizes the importance of effective communication in delivering services that produce good outcomes. At Learning Tree, Nicki is both a leader and a direct service provider.  


As an educational administrator, Nicki has had a great deal of success in developing educational programs, implementing efficiencies in schools, crafting educational options and safe learning environments, assessing situational challenges, and strategizing and rendering action plans.  She has extensive experience in teacher training and professional development.  


As a direct service provider, Nicki is an advocate and mediator for special needs students in their dealings with local school districts. She has provided educational case management services for hospitalized students and complex special education situations.  She provides dyslexia tutoring and Behavioral Therapy.

She maintains a wealth of varied resources that she calls upon to service client needs.  Spotting the need for better communication between service providers (and parents), Nicki spearheaded the development of software that maintains records of all authorized service providers and provides a platform for real time communication.  


Nicki holds two Masters degrees, one in Special Education and one in Education. She also did Advanced Graduate Study in Psychology and Special Education. She is a Certified Special Education Teacher for K-12 in the State of Florida, as well as a Certified Special Needs Intervention Specialist (Birth-5). She holds certification in Ohio as a K-12 Intervention Specialist.  She is also a Wilson Certified Level Trainer for the Wilson Reading Program.  She is a licensed Board Certified Behavioral Analyst (B.C.B.A.) and supervisor.