Mental Health & Health Counseling

Individual Counseling 

Whether situational or long term, a trusting relationship with a Learning Tree therapist allows clients to recognize patterns and develop healthy strategies for living.  

At Learning Tree, we believe that counseling should go hand in hand with special needs services, since children who struggle often suffer from feelings of failure and isolation. Addressing these feelings can avoid more problems down the line.

Marriage & Family Counseling

When a child struggles, parents struggle too.  The stress can easily derail marriage and family life. The biggest favor parents do for themselves, their struggling child and the whole family is to reach out for help. Learning Tree’s holistic approach to helping children with disabilities includes care and counseling for the family unit.

Transition to Functional Living

• Adolescent & Young Adult Launching

Learning Tree counselors help clients address the frustration, fear and uncertainty of becoming independent. We help them understand what they want from life and take steps toward a self-actualized adulthood. 

• Life Skills Training

Learn how to better manage day to day life. Life skills coaching can come into play in therapeutic settings, drug prevention and treatment settings, parenting and educational settings.

• Addiction Treatment & Drug Intervention

Outpatient treatment, 12-step support, relapse prevention with cognitive and behavioral strategies to avoid triggers and pitfalls.  Individuals suffering from addictions to alcohol, drugs, gambling, or smoking are welcome.

• Social Skills Training

Learn how to get along better with others. With social skills training, Learning Tree clients learn how to listen more actively and communicate more appropriately and effectively.