By: Nicki Salfer

July 28, 2014 

They say it takes a village to raise a child.


With Learning Tree, the “village” is a professional learning community made up of teachers, tutors, therapists, aids,

social workers, psychologists, nurses, school administrators, physical therapists, occupational therapists and

speech therapists.


And the parent is the village manager.


When it comes to raising a child with special needs, the job of village manager/parent is huge.

That job description might include (but is by no means limited to):


o   Maintain complete file of service provider records

o   Schedule and transport to all appointments and school events in a timely and regular fashion

o   Participate in team responsible for setting goals and interventions for the child

o   Participate in team efforts to evaluate progress and modify plan as needed

o   Communicate concerns and successes with all service providers on a regular basis

o   Work with child on all homework and exercises assigned by teachers and service providers

o   Continue parent education on relevant topics

o   Continue to engage your child in enjoyable activities in a loving way


Learning Tree’s My Educational Chart Learning Management App alleviates much of the Village Manager’s (read: parent’s) list of responsibilities.  The App is designed to:


o   Maintain records, including educational profile, transcripts, IEP, current interventions, grades, assessment results,


o   Make appointments online, send auto-reminders, confirmations and cancellations

o   Maintain lesson plans, goals, practice tests, videos and technology used in the classroom

o   Notify authorized users of classroom and school events, including homework assignments and tests

o   Allow for comments and collaboration between authorized users in real time

o   Generate meeting invitations and requests for collaborations

o   Compile reports based upon user input


When everyone is on the same page with Learning Tree’s My Educational Chart app, we can expect better outcomes toward bridging the learning gap.