Family Counseling 

No matter how tight-knit your family may be, the stress and struggle of dealing with issues within the family can take its toll. Many parents of children with educational, behavioral, or physical disabilities report that dealing with those issues leaves a mark on their relationship with a spouse or other children.

We work with parents every day and know how hard it can be. That is why our family counseling services are designed to give a holistic approach, helping not just your child but also the other family members too. Mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters all can benefit from these services alongside the child receiving other Learning Tree services.

As the primary caregivers, parents' reactions will carry the largest impact. At first, you may be feeling shocked or overwhelmed, and those feelings may not just "go away." Like any other shock, it can be helpful to have an expert guiding you through the processing of those emotions. They can also give realistic, detailed tips on how to cope not just with a child struggling through a disability but also how to keep the other family relationships strong and healthy along the way.

Many parents are not ready for the challenges that they may face when a child has a disability or is along the autism spectrum. They might feel that they are not doing enough, or cannot do enough, to care for their child. A family therapist can help resolve those feelings of inadequacy and give helpful guidance on how to be the best parent under the circumstances.

Family therapy is also beneficial for the siblings. Many brothers and sisters will feel upset, hurt, left out, or anxious about their sibling, and not know how to handle the situations as they come up. Learning Tree's holistic approach to caring for children encompasses this as well, by helping them understand and work through their feelings in a safe, trusting, and non-judgmental setting.

So if your child is enrolled in one of our Learning Tree programs for children with disabilities, you may want to consider joining our family therapy programs too. These programs can help resolve issues that occur within the family and offer practical solutions to keep those problems from escalating later on.