At Learning Tree, we use Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, also known as EMDR, therapy sessions to help our patients work through stressful and/or triggering emotional states and memories that are harming their ability to get through daily life.

EMDR utilizes different aspects of other therapies into a combined approach. It has eight phases which work through three main areas: past memories, present disturbances, and future actions.

The theory behind it essentially states that the mind heals from trauma just like any other organ in the body, and if that healing is blocked, then the blocks must be cleared before healing can resume. The therapy techniques used at Learning Tree focus on clearing those blocks so mental healing can complete itself.

In this approach, therapists work with the patient to work through the negative memories, in short, controlled sequences so that they can be resolved in therapy. While working through those memories, the patient's focus is redirected to external stimuli such as therapist directed eye movements, audio stimulation, and hand tapping.

This method has been successful for people with conditions such as PTSD and other trauma-related behavioral struggles. It focuses on empowering a person's natural resiliency versus more talk-based therapy techniques.