E-Tree Learning

Parents Like E-Tree

• Removes difficulties of traditional homeschooling

• Pay only for courses as you want or need them

• Begin at an appropriate academic level

• Meet state graduation requirements

• Easy to monitor student progress

• No texts or workbooks needed
• Students proceed only after mastering each lesson

Kids Like E-Tree

• Animation, music and fun exercises

• No textbooks to keep track of

• Learn at your own pace

• Learn from the comfort of home

• E-Tree combines auditory, visual, and interactive learning

E-Tree Learning

The E-Tree Online Curriculum is an online educational solution for both parents and kids. Many parents in Aventura are learning that it is a great way to continue their child's schooling from home, with less of the difficulty that homeschooling can often present.

You pay for your child's lessons as they need or want them, with no requirement to buy extra lessons that you may not want or need. As your child goes through each course or lesson, they stay at the level until they have mastered it, then move on to the next. This personalized approach lets your child guide their own learning at their pace.

E-Tree learning will start your child off at the appropriate academic level. They continue their education using a range of appropriate visual, audio, and interactive exercises that can engage a variety of learning styles. The courses meet state graduation requirements for Miami and simplify homeschooling for your and your child.

The online learning program has no workbooks, textbooks, or paper homework assignments to keep track of. Instead, students learn from the comfort of their own home, at their own pace, through lessons delivered in an engaging manner filled with fun.

You can easily monitor your child's progress through the E-Tree Online curriculum. Since students do not have to continue onto the next lesson until they master the one they are on, it encourages them to learn at their own pace while allowing you to see how well they are doing on each subject along the way.

If you are teaching your child from home and have been looking for educational opportunities that are appropriate for their academic level and interests, then the E-Tree Online Learning Curriculum may be the solution you are looking for. Contact us today for more information.