Meet Our Team

Marissa Arbor

Recovery Coach

ICF Certified Life CoachI

BALM Certified Family Recovery Life Coach

Marissa Arber understands individuals and families and the challenges they face. Known as a ‘path lighter’, Marissa catapults individuals and families forward on their journeys in life and family recovery.


As an ICF Certified Life Coach, she is able to help her clients determine their goals, develop action plans, and work through whatever obstacles are standing in the way of achievement. Her clients are often amazed at the patience she exhibits as she listens to their responses to her powerful questions and helps them move deeper and further ahead in their process.


As a BALM Certified Family Recovery Life Coach, Marissa understands the challenges families face with using and recovered loved ones and has the skill set, contacts and intuition needed to help families be their loved one’s BEST chance at recovery. The BALM (Be A Loving Mirror) Comprehensive Family Recovery Education Program, which all of her clients receive as part of their coaching program with her,  provides her families with the value added necessary to fast track their recovery work and Marissa’s deep coaching further accelerates the process families go through in both getting their own lives back and helping their loved ones find recovery as well.