College Testing

Career Counseling

Learning Tree offers three different types of college testing and career counseling services for students ready to reach the next level in their education. You can come to us for SAT/ACT Preparatory learning, take tests to pass out of expensive college classes, and receive career counseling to help solve one of the biggest mysteries of a teenager's life.

The SAT and the ACT are two of the most pivotal tests your high school student may take in their junior or senior year. Most students will take one or the other, depending on where they are looking to go to college. High test scores are only a single part of the complicated admissions process, but they can be a key part of staying competitive against heavy competition.

At Learning Tree in Miami, students can study for either or both of these college preparatory tests. Test prep courses can help a student prepare for the types of questions that they will see on the exam, which may be the difference between a good score on the first or second try. Our SAT/ACT prep courses can save both time and money by potentially reducing the need to retake the tests.

Prior Learning Assessments
College classes are expensive, both for the course itself and the textbooks and other expenses related to taking them. One of the little known but very helpful ways to save money in college is to test out of some of the freshman-level courses that cover topics already learned in high school classes.

At Learning Tree, students can receive college credit for classes they have already taken. It is a testing site for TTI, Coopersmith, and RIJS college-level tests.

Career Counseling
Many students attend college but change their major partway through because they are not sure what they want to be doing for a career. Yet even as teenagers, students have certain preferences, aptitudes, and interests that may translate to a successful and happy career as an adult.

Learning Tree's career counseling services are open to both students and adults who are starting out or looking for a new direction. By tapping into what you already love doing, you are more likely to be happy when you are out making money every day.

Contact us to get started on any of these career and college tools for success.