Learning-Tree offers private instruction in K-12 tutoring in aventura and miami area for any subject your child may be learning in the classroom. They are trained to work with your child and guide them to master skills that may be lagging in writing, test taking, or studying.

By offering personalized instruction, tutors are often able to isolate and work on specific issues that go overlooked or unnoticed in a full classroom setting. Many students also benefit from the direct attention and gain the self-confidence that they need to trust their own abilities in school. One-on-one instruction has been shown to be one of the most effective educational tools for helping students who need to boost skills such as reading, writing, math, and test taking.

Learning Tree uses the Wilson Reading System to help students in grades 2-12 learn how to read and also to understand what they are reading. It has been shown to give students the tools for significant progress even when they have struggled to learn via other methods. Its intensive and multi-sensory instruction even helps students with language-based learning disabilities such as dyslexia.

No matter which subjects your child needs help with at school, Learning Tree's team of dedicated tutors will be able to help them learn and grow academically through a planned and proven series of interventions and lesson plans.

Often there is a specific part of a subject where a student is having the most difficulty and that is where the tutors can focus their energy and help your child pick up on what they may have missed.

If you have been struggling as a parent to help your child learn in school, then let our tutors help your child out with their knowledge and expertise at tutoring in a number of K-12 subjects.