A Learning Tree Psychologist in Aventura can help you and your child work through many situational and long-term struggles. We believe that these services are an important part of our selection of family and child support systems, as they can address the emotional trauma that the other problems leave behind.

We have many programs that you can choose from when selecting a psychologist.

Adolescent & Young Adult Launching
Fear and uncertainty often lead to frustration when puberty hits and children start to grow up. For children with other emotional or educational struggles, the difficulties there can be even greater than for their peers. We offer self-actualization and self-help counseling for young adults so they can understand what they really want and how to achieve it.

Life Skills Training
Life Skills training is another helpful branch of individual counseling that we can offer. Day to day life can be a struggle, especially for patients who are also coping with drug treatment and addiction, parenting, education, and other major stresses. Our psychologists can help patients organize daily life to be less problematic.

Social Skills Training
Getting along with others is not as easy for some people as it is with others. Behavioral and other disorders can complicate social skills and make the rules that others pick up on hard to understand. Learning the rules and how to follow them can be a major boost to mental health and social interaction.

Addiction Treatment & Drug Intervention
Addiction rewires an addict's thinking and decision making, and making a conscious choice to go clean requires an effort for a long time. We help patients coping with drug, alcohol and other addictions make the behavioral, social, and personal changes they are looking for.

If you need to make a change in your life, or if you feel that your child will benefit from individual attention from one of our team of doctors, then we would be happy to help you get started today.